A wild child on a remote island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada?
Like Father, Like Daughter--the much-loved story of Adam and the daughter he never knew....
The Man From Blue River--a reissue of Judith's wildly popular first novel for Superromance!
Two novellas in anthologies with NYT-bestselling author, Debbie Macomber!
Mystery Romance
“Tender, poignant and beautifully written”
-Deborah Smith, NYT bestselling author

-Mary Balogh, NYT bestselling author
Anything can happen when three best friends decide to look up their first crushes!
Enduring reader favorites--seven bestselling novels set in small-town Alberta, Canada--ranchers, doctors, cowboys and Indians....
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The Wild Child
When Eva Haines comes to remote and supposedly deserted Liberty Island to clear up a relative’s affairs, she has the feeling someone’s watching her—and she’s right. A wild-looking child with a big dog has been following her around! Eva is puzzled. Who is this girl? Where did she come from?

Eva discovers that Fanny is the daughter of the reclusive Silas Lord. Why are Silas Lord and his daughter hiding out on Liberty Island? What secret is Silas keeping about this child he obviously adores? And why is Eva falling in love with such a mysterious man?

Daddy's Little Cowgirl
Adam Garrick is an ex-rodeo cowboy, now divorced, and owner of the Double O Ranch. Out of nowhere, he receives a letter from Caroline Carter, the widow of his closest friend. He hasn't seen Caroline in years - but she's coming to visit him, bringing her five-year-old adopted daughter, Rosie.
The adoption was arranged by her husband, and Caroline has never known the name of the biological father.
But Adam knows. Rosie's his daughter.
Can he keep this secret? Should he?

The Glory Girl
When the town librarian plays Glamour Girl for a Hallowe'en party, the trick's on her when the man of her dreams shows up.... But who does he fall for--boring old Hannah? Or the knock-'em-dead, er, Annabelle?!

West of Glory
Daisy Sutherland was born in the Alberta town of Tamarack—west of Glory and north of the Montana border. A burned-out, big-city reporter, she’s come home to work on her father’s weekly paper, writing about the familiar world of strawberry socials, rodeos and council meetings, instead of murder and corruption.

But Daisy is forced to revise those fond memories of her hometown after a shoot-out on the nearby Blackfoot reserve. Two men are dead—one a cop, the other a local troublemaker. And no one’s talking?.

Daisy turns to the one man who might be willing to share what he knows. Ben Goodstriker. He's a rancher, a rodeo man and he’s also the shooter’s cousin. But Ben isn’t sure whom to trust. His family and friends? Or the lovely and persisistent Ms. Daisy Sutherland?

Zoey Phillips -- November 2001
Charlotte Moore -- December 2001
Lydia Lane -- January 2002

Mom & Mr. Valentine
The Glory Girl "Born in a Small Town," Superromance anthology with Debbie Macomber and Janice K. Johnson

Mom & Mr. Valentine "Sealed with a Kiss," single title anthology with Debbie Macomber and Helen Brooks

The Men of Glory novels
A Home of His Own
The Rancher Takes a Wife
O Little Town of Glory
The Doctor's Daughter
His Brother's Bride
Like Father, Like Daughter
The Rancher's Runaway Bride

Judith's Backlist
The Man from Blue River -- 1996, Superromance
High Country Rancher -- 1993, Special Edition
A Home on the Range -- 1993, Special Edition
Heart of the North -- 1993, Silhouette Romance
Paper Marriage -- 1992, Silhouette Romance
Man of Steele -- 1991, Silhouette Romance
That Man Next Door -- 1990, Silhouette Romance