A wild child on a remote island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada?
Like Father, Like Daughter--the much-loved story of Adam and the daughter he never knew....
The Man From Blue River--a reissue of Judith's wildly popular first novel for Superromance!
Two novellas in anthologies with NYT-bestselling author, Debbie Macomber!
Mystery Romance
“Tender, poignant and beautifully written”
-Deborah Smith, NYT bestselling author

-Mary Balogh, NYT bestselling author
Anything can happen when three best friends decide to look up their first crushes!
Enduring reader favorites--seven bestselling novels set in small-town Alberta, Canada--ranchers, doctors, cowboys and Indians....
Other Novels

Novellas (Anthologies)

MOM AND MR. VALENTINE appeared in the February 2002 anthology with NTY-bestselling author Debbie Macomber, SEALED WITH A KISS.

Who needs Cupid when you've got kids?
A very persistent young man dreams of making his hero his dad in MOM AND MR. VALENTINE by Judith Bowen.

THE GLORY GIRL, a Men of Glory novella, appeared in the Superromance anthology BORN IN A SMALL TOWN.

Glory, Alberta. A cowboy town in cowboy country. Hannah Parrish loves it here. "Once from a small town, always from a small town," says Jack Gamble, ex-prospector, a man who's ready to come home. He wants to find a "nice, quiet Glory girl." And that's exactly what Hannah is--even if Jack doesn't know it yet!