A wild child on a remote island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada?
Like Father, Like Daughter--the much-loved story of Adam and the daughter he never knew....
The Man From Blue River--a reissue of Judith's wildly popular first novel for Superromance!
Two novellas in anthologies with NYT-bestselling author, Debbie Macomber!
Mystery Romance
“Tender, poignant and beautifully written”
-Deborah Smith, NYT bestselling author

-Mary Balogh, NYT bestselling author
Anything can happen when three best friends decide to look up their first crushes!
Enduring reader favorites--seven bestselling novels set in small-town Alberta, Canada--ranchers, doctors, cowboys and Indians....
Other Novels


"You can leave your hats on, ladies..."

Porcupine Hills, Alberta--"Men of Glory" country. The signpost lists all the ranches in the area.

Judith (second from left) helping out in the kitchen at her nephew's wedding this summer.

Storm brewing over Jasper, Alberta
Zoey Phillips, the first in the Girlfriends trilogy